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Yellow Brick Road ONLINE Class

This is an online class introducing the Yellow Brick Road quilt. It is a class designed to enhance the confidence of a beginner to advanced quilter.

Licorice Drops Pineapple Quilt ONLINE Class

Licorice Drops is a Pineapple Quilt made using the 8 " Pineapple Chunks Block. This quilt goes together quickly and precisely using the Creative Grid Pineapple Trim Tool. Join in the fun making this Pineapple Quilt.

Twinkle Quilt ONLINE Class

Twinkle is an online course in which you are invited into a special Facebook group. The course is pre-taped giving you the opportunity to view it at your own pace, stopping and starting when needed. You can ask questions and post your progress in the comment section. The instructor will respond to questions and other class participants may share their ideas, making this a learning community free of judgement.

Dec 30
Piecekeeoer Project Bag Online Class
Dec 30
Chocolate Mint Swirl Online Pineapple Quilt Class
Dec 30
Deep Blue Sea Online Pineapple Quilt Class