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Serious Whimsey - Purple Swirl

"Happy art" is what comes out of me naturally.
I realized this during a difficult and dark time when I was looking for meaning and a way to make sense out of senselessness. What I realized was through it all, I still made "happy art". It hit me like a ton of bricks that positivity and happiness was my natural take on life and that I should go with it. And so I did and SERIOUS WHIMSEY was born.

I've always loved color, painting, pattern and patchwork. Whenever I come across a magic marker doodle from my childhood I am so happy to see how much I still relate. It makes me feel like I have always known what I know today about my interests, strengths and "smart eye" as my husband calls it. I see the journey. These days, I love combining my more sophisticated art with art for kids. I am inspired by the natural beauty of our world, the colors and sounds, the delicate petals of a crimson flower, leaves, pods, plants, animals and the texture and depth of all interesting natural surfaces. I look for inspiration everywhere. My eye naturally gravitates toward layers of color and texture. I love the magic of life and my connection with people. I love doing shows because I enjoy the diversity and energy of the people I meet. I love sharing stories and promoting kindness, connection and positivity. I believe in me and I believe in you.

Some of my pieces are painting with collage where I incorporate original patterns from my earlier days as a textile designer. Look closely and you will see elements of photo silkscreen, hand stitching, applique, hand dyeing, etc.. Many of these patterns became my first fabric collection which came out commercially in 2012.

Hard work, big dreams, faith, HOPE, and never giving up despite life's challenges are extremely important to me.
For me, losing hope is losing it all. May this never happen to you.
Follow your dreams. So corny and true. Be true to who you are.
You never know what will be coming round the bend!
That excitement of the unknown fuels me.
I hope my work will make you as happy and hopeful as it makes me.

Lots of great things are brewing for SERIOUS WHIMSEY!
Check in often to see what new goodies I have in store for you!
The most exciting additions are my new lines of cotton fabric collections featuring all of my art.
My collection of art panel blocks, mini quilt kits and fabric designs will be growing in the months to come.